A day in London

On Saturday me and Jessica finally found a free day to go out and do some things from the (things to do when we get a chance) list. We made our first trip to Borough market and were really impressed with what we found. As it was our first time we took a cool-bag and tried to find something interesting to take home for our dinner. After browsing around, we decided to try some Ostrich burgers (£5 for 4) and some pies from Pie Minister. The market was very busy so we found refuge in a some tea rooms in one of the neighbouring streets – after a cup or two of Assam and a piece of cake we felt refreshed enough to visit the Star Wars exhibit at County Hall.

I knew the exhibit would be expensive but the £16.50 per person was even more than I had predicted. We were told that entry was not timed but the next “Jedi School” would be in 45 minutes. There are plenty of costumes and props from the early films with the larger items being taken from Episode one (pod racers and Naboo fighters). We started to look for the Jedi training school but couldn’t find any evidence of it, or find out what it was. I asked a steward and he thrust some tickets into our hands and told us to “find out for ourselves”.

The Jedi class was held in a council chamber where a selection of kids were allowed to wield light sabres (of the type sold in Argos for a tenner). The actors had much more authentic looking sabres and used them to teach the young Padawan how to fight. I won’t spoil the story for you but I will recommend the exhibit – a bit expensive but we found almost 3 hours of amusement there.

After the exhibition we went to Oxford St. to get a new watch each – Jessica has needed one for a while and I recently dropped my old watch, breaking some of the internals 🙁

Back home again we settled down in front of Dr. Who with our ostrich burgers. Dr. Who was far from brilliant but I was very pleased with the burgers – the taste is hard to describe but I guess beefy is the closest I can manage. Apparently it tastes quite “gamey” but as this is the first “gamey” meat I have tasted it has now become a point of reference.

There are more pictures from the exhibit here.

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