Weddings and motor sport

Things have been really hectic recently… attending weddings and Grand Prixs.

Firstly, I wanted to thank Liz’s parents for the fantastic wedding reception they organised for Zig and Liz (pictured left). Jessica and I hired a car and drove up to Essex for their wedding which was held on the 30th June. The wedding service was held in a local church and the reception took place in a marquee erected in Liz’s parent’s garden.

We had some lovely food at tables in the marquee and then some of the tables were cleared to make space for a band and dance floor. The band were really good but I have forgotten their name so can’t give their website a plug – perhaps someone can add the name to the comments? Strangely, just about everyone I spoke to at the wedding was in the process of planning their own – Jessica and me felt the need to defend our registry office in the face of castles and other fancy locations. I expect the castle would win in a stand up fight though – I doubt Russettings has the necessary armoury. Anyway, a great event (even the farm canine got dressed up) – I wish Zig and Liz all the best with their new marriage.

This weekend saw me resuming my spectator marshalling job at the British Grand Prix. This is the sixth time I have been, but it was the first time where I felt there was a realistic chance of a Brit actually winning the race.

Only my dad and me made the trip to Silverstone this year, (Zig was honeymooning) but dad didn’t disappoint… bringing the amount of food and equipment for which he is famous (in parts of Newcastle anyway!) Lewis Hamilton treated us to a thrilling qualifying session on the Saturday but the Ferrari’s pace was too great on the Sunday and Hamilton had to settle for a third position in the race.

I don’t have many pictures of the event as marshals are not allowed to use their cameras whilst on duty. So, I’ll leave you with a couple of shots – me in my marshalling get up, and my view of the crowd at 7am on a Sunday morning (note: there was nothing on track until 9am).

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