Merry Christmas

To the left is a picture of Jessica crafting on Christmas morning. What you probably can’t spot is the tiny radio controlled helicopter that is hovering nearby – I have highlighted it in the picture on the right. Jessica has been very understanding whilst I learn to fly my new toy.

Below is a short video of it in action – I apologise if Microsoft insist on making you watch an ad first.

This year was our first Christmas as hosts and I am pleased to say that everything went well on the big day. Jessica’s roast dinner was delicious and she obeyed the Christmas traditions of supplying far too much food for us to eat. Thank you to everyone who sent a present or card I hope you enjoyed your presents too.

We are currently enjoying a few quiet days before it all kicks off again when we host a New Years eve bash. Thankfully we still have some Champagne left over from the wedding so we’ll be able to see the New Year in with style.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Video: Tiny RC copter

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