More Chilli (+squirrel) news

After a problematic start I think we are now on our way with our chilli plant. As shown in the picture on the left, we now have a few flowers and we are hoping they will turn into chillis soon. I was advised not to shake the plant to fertilise it, so I’ve given the flowers a tickle with a feather… not that I think it makes much difference but what the hey.

Also showing promising signs is the Amaryllis that Jessica’s Granddad gave us for Christmas. He challenged all his grandchildren to see who could get the most flowers on their plant. I think we have a good chance with the three heads we are soon to see flower.

Finally, after a whole year of spending on my Sony card I have finally got enough points for a camcorder. On Saturday morning we were awoken by the sound of something hitting the bars outside our window. On investigation we found a squirrel had located our bird feeder and was intent on liberating its contents. I used my newly acquired video camera to capture the footage below. Apologies for the voice-over – I had just woken up and I have a bit of a cold.

Video: Squirrel outside our window

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