Cyber Sam

cyber_samuelSamuel finally got taken in to hospital last week to have his hearing tested. Even though I was dreading having to try and keep Sam quiet during the test I really didn’t need to have worried as he behaved like a little angel.

They did two different tests on Sam, the first was just the standard stick something in his ear to check that his ear drums were bouncing back the sound properly. The second test is only for babies that have been in the SCBU for more than 5 days and involved a complicated arrangement of sensors and the fantastic ear-muffs shown in the photo. Sadly I forgot to bring the camera along with me – but if I had done you would have all been impressed by how much Sam looked like a baby Cyberman with all sorts of wires and sensors attached to him. Luckily the nurse doing the testing let me have the ear-muffs to take home, though she probably thinks I’m slightly daft for asking to keep them…

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