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Every day Sam seems to be picking up something new and in the last week we seem to be starting to get more attempts at talking. Sam can currently say Dadda, no, vroom and most recently – car. No mamma yet – not unless he is complaining when I get a ma ma ma ma type annoyed noise, but hopefully some day.

Sam loves cars. He loves the little cars that are part of his garage, he pushes these along surfaces and says vroom quietly to himself. He really loves the big Early Learning Centre cars that are at a number of the play groups that we go to, he can’t drive them forwards yet but he enjoys beeping the horn and walking it backwards through anything that is foolish enough to be behind him. So we really shouldn’t have been too surprised when he happily repeated ‘car’ to us the other day, and now it seems to be his favourite word.

Samuel also seems to be quite happy to watch the Grand Prix with his daddy which should be handy as we are going to be having it on a lot now that the season has started again and won’t be finishing until November. Maybe having Sam listening to the Grand Prix while he was still in my tummy started all this interest in cars for Sam – I just hope he doesn’t grow up wanting to drive formula 1 cars…

Blogging break

Yikes – it’s been simply ages since I last posted! I’m very sorry loyal readers for not keeping you more up to date with the day to day happenings here at Tea Towers, I must try to do better. With all the changes that Rich has been working on to improve the look of the blog I thought it was high time that I did a new post before you all forgot about me.

Looking back at the blog it seems that my last post was back in August last year about our trip out to the Bluebell railway and since then Rich has been keeping you informed. In those 7 months much has happened and much has stayed the same. We’ve had Sam’s first Birthday, a trip out to Center Parcs, Christmas (and all the associated Christmas panic), Rich’s 30th as well as tons of Sam events like his first steps, first pair of shoes, first hair cut and lot’s of other new events that seem to happen almost daily.

Sam and I are still keeping ourselves mostly out of mischief and spend a lot of time visiting the nearby baby groups as well as socialising with other mums when we can. Today, for instance we went into town to get lunch out with a group of mums at Pizza Express. Sam enjoyed being in his high chair for the first hour, after which he just wanted to wander around the restaurant and see who he could get smiles from. He is as gorgeous as ever and still seems to charm everyone he meets.

Sam’s weigh in

Sam with CookieSam is delighted to announce that his current weight now is 9.20 kg (20 lb 4 oz).

His growth on the chart seems to now be completely ignoring any of the curves it should be following and is just steadily going up in more of a diagonal direction. However, as the health centre people seem happy with this then we are also pleased. I’m thinking that once Sam decides to perhaps try crawling somewhere for a change or failing that have a go at walking then his weight gain will slow down again.

Minion number 4

Nick feeding SamSamuel is quickly transforming his fans into loyal minions by putting them through a rigorous training program involving playing skills, nappy changing, bottle and solid food feeding, teeth brushing and other important tasks. Once his new minion has been trained they have to pass the final test which is to look after Sam while minion 1 and 2 (myself and Rich) go out and have a break.

Sam is pleased to announce that he has now successfully trained a new minion up and would like to inform you that his fan ‘funkle’ Nick has now attained the impressive status of minion number 4. To help Nick complete his training Rich and I reluctantly spent the evening at a lovely Thai restaurant where we forced ourselves to have a good time 🙂

Does anyone else fancy taking on the Sam training program?

Sam’s weigh in

Circular SamSam is happy to inform his avid fans that he now weighs an arm tiring 8.64kg (19 lb 1 oz).

We would also like to apologize for the earlier weigh in confusion – there seemed to have been a clerical error when entering the data, but worry not as the person responsible has been properly admonished.

Sam starts earning his keep

Working boySam has decided that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an electrical engineer (computer geek) as well. So today we headed off to his new work place and got him settled in. After quickly adjusting his seat and screen height he was typing away and answering technical phone calls like a pro!

While Sam occupied himself with this I had a quick meeting with my line manager to discuss the possibility of taking a career break for a couple of years. I’ve applied for it and if it gets approved then it looks like I’m going to be at home with Sam for a while longer. However, now that Sam is working perhaps I won’t need to go back myself at all!

Sam’s weigh in

Sam - the little drummer boySam is very excited to be able to announce that he now weighs a dependable 8.14 kg (17 lb 15 oz). Because his weight gain has been so steady in the last couple of months Sam no longer needs such close monitoring and has graduated to getting weighed only once every 4 weeks!

After we had finished playing at the Children’s centre we headed off into the local park where they were having a ” Buggies in the park event” . There was all sorts of stands out as well as 2 different bouncy castles for the little ones (none for us adults unfortunately) some fun obstacle course/gym type set up for the more sturdy toddlers and even a tent with some animals from a petting zoo there. Sam seemed to be too young still to get much out of what was on offer, but he did enjoy a quick go in the drumming tent and he had a brief look at some of the petting animals but only half heartedly.

Hopefully when they hold the event again next year Sam will be able to enjoy all of the things going on.

Sam’s weigh in

Sam playingSam is pleased to announce that he has now reached the mature weight of 7.72 kg (16 lb 15 oz).

He is photographed here playing in the new Children’s centre which is a really lovely area with lot’s of great toys for babies and toddlers. I’m really looking forward to seeing Sam play in the sandpit and with the various craft supplies that are there for the older kids, but that may be a little while yet. Until then there are lots of drums, rattles, books and other toys that he is enjoying at the moment.

Sam’s weigh in

Sitting SamAfter the slightly frantic trip up to Northland as well as Sam going off his food due to teething and having a cold I was thinking that this may be the first weigh in where Sam didn’t gain any weight… but Sam must have not wanted to disappoint his fans and is proud to be able to announce that he now weighs a very respectable 7.68 kg (16 lb 15 oz).

For Sam’s weigh in this morning we had to find our way to a new location as our usual Wednesday weigh in clinic has stopped – however the new place is much, much nicer and is part of a larger ‘Children’s centre’ which we will be sure to visit again soon.

Sam’s weigh in

Fuzzy SamSam is ecstatic to be able to inform you that his new weight is 7.44 kg (16 lb 6 oz).

Sam is also trialling this new hair-do, inspired by his father’s own hair style Sam hopes that it becomes the latest trend in the baby fashion world.