Happy Christmas!

Sam's first ChristmasHappy Christmas to all our readers – we hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas day and are now enjoying what is left of the seasonal celebrations.

Rich, Sam and myself all had a lovely time spending Christmas at my parent’s home with my two other sisters, brother, little niece Katie, Kathy & Marcus. Somehow all ten of us managed to squeeze round the table for a fantastic Christmas meal (with Sam dosing in his sling on my lap). Thanks for all the lovely food Mum & Dad – especially the tasty desserts!

In the photo on the left you can see little Sam in his cute little jumper that a friend made up for him and the photo on the right shows Sam recovering after a tiring but very enjoyable Christmas.

Sam managed to charm everyone who saw him and he spent the day cooing and playing and having the Tired Samueloccasional nap time too. He is now babbling and cooing like a good-un and he is also smiling and playing really well. Sam would like me to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all his presents, he had a very impressive haul for his first Christmas – he had more presents than his dad and me put together!

Rich and I are now gearing ourselves up for some visitors from the north – Sam’s other grandparents! Little Sam is practising being as cute as possible for their visit while Rich and I rush around getting the house tidied up.

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