A busy day…

bathtime_samSam and I were very happy to receive a visit from our good friend ‘future uncle Nick’ who popped over for lunch with a freshly baked loaf of bread that he had made himself (properly made at that – he did all his dough thumping himself, no use of a bread maker!). We ate Dairylea sandwiches, crisps and carrot cake and drank lots of tasty tea.

Unfortunately Sam got himself into quite a temper for some reason and so wasn’t his usual friendly self for the visit (sorry Nick) so to help calm him down we went off in search of a nearby pond. Because I was the one navigating us to it we wandered around aimlessly and didn’t manage to find it until Nick took control and lead us there (it worries me that my navigation is so bad as to be bested by someone who has no idea where he is going but still manages to find what I’ve been trying to get to). Sam calmed down/slept after his nice walk and by the time daddy came home he was in a much better mood.

Because of his general cuteness this evening we decided it was time for him to have his first go in the big bath (he’s been getting a little large for the bathroom sink) and you can see him pictured here getting into the bathing mood with the help of our bath thermometer duck. Sam doesn’t quite know what to make of the big bath but we think he enjoyed himself in a slightly surprised way.

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