Trip out to Kent

Katie, Thea & SamRich and I are gradually gaining confidence in taking Sam out for longer journeys to visit friends and family. Today we decided to trek off over to Kent to visit Sam’s aunty Thea, uncle Marcus and cousin Katie.

Marcus did us a fantastic Sunday roast dinner (my plate was overflowing with delicious pork, yorkshire puds, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, parsnips, cabbage and succulent carrots) and that was followed by some very tasty pancakes made by my sister. Mmmmmm….

After food we all waddled into the sitting room to try and burn off some of the dinner with a few goes at the surprisingly difficult ‘Guitar hero’ game on the Wii. I was typically bad at the game (but I blame that on forgetting to bring along my glasses) however Rich seemed to do really well even though he was so casual about it. Katie also had a few goes and looked like a very cute rockstar holding the guitar.

Sam enjoyed seeing everyone again and had fun playing with Katie who was very gentle with him and kept tucking him up ‘in bed’.

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