img_0005Sam seems quite surprised to be wearing a Christmas vest in February… but that’s what happens when you are a difficult size and mum has run out of clean clothes that fit you.

Sam and I had another busy day yesterday, baby group in the morning and then a visit from Sam’s grandma in the afternoon. My mum and I had a lovely lunch (and I even got out my pretty tea set) while Sam cooed and watched us eating and chatting. After all this attention though he did spend most of the evening asleep which gave me enough time to do a bit of sorting and tidying in preparation for our trip up north.

So tomorrow the family Felton is heading off to Northland for our most ambitious journey with Sam yet. I’m not too sure how it is all going to work out (will Sam sleep on the train, will there be room for all the luggage, etc) but I’m really looking forward to spending some time with the lovely in-laws and getting a chance to show Sam off.

Wish us luck – we’ll be back soon and will hopefully have some more Sam pictures to show you.

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