Hooray for pancakes!

Proud RichAh – pancake day – you’ve been well missed!

To help me develop a decent appetite for the long awaited pancakes I dashed off to my yoga class this evening and was made to hold all kinds of new and unusual positions (most of which made me feel as though some part of me was about to snap). I’m not sure if the benefit of doing a yoga class then gets outweighed by eating pancakes – but it had to be done.

Rich and I took turns to make our own pancakes, however Rich did not do his the proper way and flipped his with the help of a spatular. Consequently all of his pancakes turned out perfectly and in one piece, while mine were equally tasty but not at all photogenic. Just look at Rich here gazing in admiration at one of his pancakes – huh! I think I had more fun making mine even though I’m now going to have to go and clean the hob…

Happy pancake day everyone – may all your pancakes be fluffy and light!

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