Entertaining at Tea Towers

Tea timeBeing at home with Samuel so much has made me really appreciate the company of my friends and family, especially when I know that they have made a special trip out to come and see us. So I feel especially honored that we’ve had guests both today and yesterday.

Daniel came all the way down from Leicester on Sunday just to say hi and meet Samuel (and then went all the way back that evening- wheew!) and kept us entertained with stories of his hospital work. Daniel has delivered 3 babies himself as well as seeing a few births so it wasn’t too surprising that he was brilliant with Sam. Unfortunately Dan is too far away for us to trick into babysitting – but hopefully we’ll be able to visit him again soon – after doing the trip up to Yorkshire every trip seems possible now πŸ™‚

I’ve also just had some work friends round for midmorning tea and really enjoyed getting a chance to chat with some other girls over tea and cake, it even gave me the opportunity to use the lovely tea set that I got a few years ago. One of these friends is pregnant herself and will be having a little girl in April so we both enjoyed a good chat about baby stuff and hopefully we’ll be able to see each other more often now we are both on maternity leave.

Ah well – now to get some tidying up done while Sam sleeps, it’s not all just tea and cake you know!

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