Samuel’s room

Last night me and Jessica took the big step of letting Samuel sleep in his own room. He’s threatening to burst out of his Moses basket and so it’s time to promote him to his cot bed. There is no way his cot will fit in our room so we had to put him in his own room. We’ve done our best to make it interesting… transferring his trusty mobile onto the new cot and creating a constellation of glow-in-the-dark sheep on the wall and ceiling.

I was surprised at how nervous me and Jessica were last night. Lay in bed with Samuel in the room next door, straining our ears to hear anything from the baby monitor. It’s hard to describe and you can probably only empaphise if you’re a parent too. If Samuel is sleeping then all is well but that doesn’t provide much in the way of evidence via the baby monitor. In the end I went to check he was OK and found him happily sleeping in his basket in his cot. The next step will be to remove the basket from the equation….

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