A room with a view

Mirror, mirrorYesterday Rich and I came to agree that Sam really is looking a little bit too big for his moses basket and that we really should start putting him down in the big cot bed. We’ve been trying to get the basket to last as long as possible as we can’t fit the cot bed in our room, and we’ve done quite well really as Sam is almost 5 months old now and most babies grow out of their baskets at 3 months.

So last night Sam spent his first night in his own bedroom and after setting up the baby monitor and saying good night Rich and I returned to our own room where we lay awake wondering if Sam was okay. After about 20 minutes of not being able to get to sleep we tiptoed over to Sam’s doorway and peeped in to see Sam fast asleep – phew! Sam slept until 4.30pm when he woke up and wanted his dummy and after providing him with this he kindly let me get back to sleep until his morning feed.

Hopefully Sam continues to be okay in his new room – if not then I’ll just have to cut holes in the bottom of his basket so that he can stretch his legs 🙂

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