Feeling under the weather

Cara and SamIt’s been a pretty dire week for me so far, I’ve spent most of it feeling tired and ill – but because of Sam I’ve not been able to curl up into a little ball under the blankets. Why did no one tell me just how hard it is to cope with a little one when you are under the weather? Thankfully though the calvary has arrived in the shape of Cara who has come round today to help me with Sam and give me a chance to get some rest.

Cara went straight into the deep end of baby care and took charge of entertaining / changing / comforting / walking Sam while I got a few chances to have some much needed rest. Cara also made me some delicious soup which I greatly enjoyed and I’m now starting to think that it may not be too hard for me to try and cook some for myself one day. After just one day I can happily say that Cara is now a fully trained Samuel carer and is very welcome to come round and take Sam for the day whenever she should want to 🙂

I’m so very glad that it is now the weekend and with Rich around I should hopefully be able to get a little bit more rest so that I’m in better shape for looking after Sam next week.

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