Slowly getting better

Sam and future uncle NickWell my weekend of rest didn’t quite work out how I had hoped it would… I ended up spending most of Sunday in A&E but thankfully nothing much is really wrong with me so I did get to come back home in the end (I’d been having some nasty stomach cramps which for a while the doctors thought might be appendicitis – very thankfully it wasn’t!).

After my A&E day Cara the magnificent managed to delay her trip back up to Yorkshire until Wednesday so she could spend Monday and Tuesday with Sam and give me some more time to rest. Nick also managed to find some free time to visit Sam on Tuesday as he’s been doing a bit of shift work, he may look pretty alert in this photo but he did spend a lot of his visit dozing on the sofa – awww.

Thank you so much Cara for all your help – it was very, very appreciated! When you and Nick start your own family I think I’m going to owe you lots of babysitting!

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