Aunty Cara and ‘Funkle’ Nick

Rich is feeling much better now, he ended up taking most of last week off work as he was just too ill to make it in and struggled back on Friday only to do a short day before coming back home and needing to crash. Hopefully he is over the worst of it now and will be back to his old self soon.

Because of this we had to rethink our potential evening off (Cara and Nick had very kindly offered to look after Sam for the evening so that we could go out together) and we just had Cara and Nick round to visit instead. We all still had fun and Rich is definitely feeling more himself as he has come up with ‘Funkle’ for Nick as a shortening for ‘Future Uncle’.

Thanks for the visit Cara and Nick, hopefully we’ll get to take you up on your babysitting offer some time soon šŸ™‚

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