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Belated Fathers day

Rich with SamAs Rich wasn’t going to be returning from Silverstone until yesterday evening we had prearranged that he would take this Monday off and have it as his first fathers day instead.

Sam had chosen some presents for his Dad which he thought he would enjoy as well as making a very lovely card (which you can see on Rich’s blog) at one of his play groups. After Rich had had a lovely long lie in to help recharge his batteries we then had a bit of a lazy morning while planning what we were going to do to mark this special day.

Rich decided that he really wanted to take Sam out for his first swim and after a bit of calling round the local pools to find out the opening times we headed off to our nearest pool, bought Sam a special swimming nappy and were set to go. Rich went in with Sam armed with his favorite bath duck while I watched them enjoying themselves from the window at the side of the pool.

Much fun was had by both Sam and his dad so hopefully there will be more swimming trips in the future – I may even get to have a go myself 🙂

Aunty Cara and ‘Funkle’ Nick

Rich is feeling much better now, he ended up taking most of last week off work as he was just too ill to make it in and struggled back on Friday only to do a short day before coming back home and needing to crash. Hopefully he is over the worst of it now and will be back to his old self soon.

Because of this we had to rethink our potential evening off (Cara and Nick had very kindly offered to look after Sam for the evening so that we could go out together) and we just had Cara and Nick round to visit instead. We all still had fun and Rich is definitely feeling more himself as he has come up with ‘Funkle’ for Nick as a shortening for ‘Future Uncle’.

Thanks for the visit Cara and Nick, hopefully we’ll get to take you up on your babysitting offer some time soon 🙂

An unwell husband

Jailbird SamSadly it seems that the end of Diddy Doddy Daddy week is going to be disrupted by Rich being ill with what seems to be the same bug that I had recently. Because of this we’ve had to cancel going down to Portsmouth to visit my Grandad (Sam’s only great Grandad) but hopefully we’ll be able to arrange to visit another time soon.

Rich is feeling very unwell and has spent most of today in bed – but hopefully he doesn’t have the bug for as long as I had it. So now I had better get going as I have Sam and Rich to look after!

Yummm – tasty!

Chocolate fairy cake heavenAnother news update from Diddy Doddy Daddy week to let you know how our family trip out to my local baby and toddler group went.

Rich and I spent some time on Wednesday making up a batch of extra chocolatey fairy cakes (chocolate cake mix with chocolate chips, chocolate butter cream for the top and chocolate sprinkles – yum!) which we took round to the group for their cake sale (making sure to keep a few back for us to munch on later). Sam got settled into gazing around at all the toddler antics that were taking place around him and I made sure that we sampled some of the other cakes on offer (just to help support the group of course!).

Rich was really surprised by just how much noise was made by all the kids running around like crazy and he also got to see first hand how much Sam enjoys watching all that goes on. After a good cup of tea and Sam having his feed we headed off back home where unfortunately Rich decided that he had better get some rest as he was starting to feel unwell – uh oh…

Best Mother’s day ever!

Sam with dadSam and Rich both went to town in spoiling me rotten today and together made my first Mother’s day very memorable 🙂 Rich provided me with tea and a small pile of presents ‘from Sam’ when I woke up this morning. There was a lovely pooh bear baby book which Rich had already spent some time filling in with the information that he could remember (yes – we really should have started a baby book much earlier!) as well as adding in some of our favourite photos of Sam. Sam also got me a box of Lush bath ballistics and the first issue of a magazine subscription to a craft magazine that I really wanted to receive. So many lovely presents and all so thoughtful!

Rich then proceeded to make me breakfast, entertain Sam while I lazed about and take charge of the food preparation for my favourite ‘Spatchcocked chicken’ dish – yummy! We also all went for a walk round the local area and enjoyed the lovely warm weather so much that we even stopped to buy ice creams.

After a very tasty dinner (with chocolate puddings for dessert) I got to have a nice long bath with one of my new ballistics. What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday 🙂

Next week is Diddy Doddy Daddy Week – Rich has taken a week off work and will be spending it with me and Sam so hopefully we’ll have more news of what adventures we get up to soon.

4 year date-a-versary

img_18564 years gone by already!

These years have really flown past and have definitely been the best years of my life so far. We’ve done so much together already and now we have baby Sam it seems like we are starting on a whole new part of our life.

Thank you sweetheart for being the best boyfriend & husband that I could ever have wished for 🙂