Goodbye Fidget

FidgetI’m very sad to announce that Fidget has finally scampered off to a better place.

She had been ill for about 3 months after catching an ear infection that later spread to her brain. Over these months she got increasingly frail and recently seemed to stop looking after herself altogether. Rich and I were starting to think that we would have to take her to the vet for what would most likely be her final visit but before we could do that she passed away at home.

We are both very glad to have had little Fidget in our lives and will always think of her fondly. She was such a lovely and gentle hamster who was always curious and very, very daft. Thanks for the last two years Fidget – I hope that you enjoyed spending them with us as much as we enjoyed having you around.

Rich has put up some footage of Fidget from when we were living in our old flat – go and have  a look see at what a daft hamster she was.

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