Sam’s weigh in

Intelligent babySam is mildly pleased to announce that his new weight has just been measured and he now totals a moderate 6.35 kg (13 lb 15 oz) – so very close to his first stone!

After being weighed the health care lady decided to prescribe some creams for Sam’s dry skin and also gave me a lot of advice on what to do to help his cradle cap – hopefully it clears up quickly ‘coz the new cream I have to put on Sam 3 times a day makes him very, very slippery!

Ruth also came a visited us today. Sam was very happy to make her aquaintance and was all smiles and talking. Ruth was great with Sam, she even gave him his lunch and help me change his nappy! Thanks for visiting Ruth and thanks also for the lovely ducks I will Sam will be sure to play with them lots in the bath.

The photo of Sam on the left is of him having a sneaky look through one of Rich’s engineer magazines…!

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