Visiting work

Sam's the bossToday Sam and I made the journey into work as I needed to speak to my manager about what flexible working options were available to me if I decided to come back to work at the end of my maternity leave. If I did return to work it would have to be on very different terms as I would only do it if I could work from home part time. So my manager will try to find out if anything can be arranged to make this possible – but I won’t know for sure for a good while.

Sam was very well behaved and charmed everyone that he met – especially all the ladies šŸ™‚ He was also very good for my meeting and occasionally piped up with a comment that he felt needed making.

After catching up with my work colleagues we then went in search of Rich who seemed to think that Sam may make a pretty good boss… hence the photo on the left of Sam taking up position at Rich’s manager’s desk. Rich changed his mind about this though as he didn’t fancy spending all his time trying to stop Sam falling off the office chair.

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