Morden Hall revisited

Katie playing pooh sticksIt’s starting to seem like I can’t stay away from Morden Hall park at the moment as today I yet again ended up visiting the lovely place. Rich was off out at funkle Nick’s stag do for the day and I was going to be at a bit of a loose end but luckily Thea and Katie were able to come round – hooray!

Thea took us all in the car (much nicer than trying to squeeze onto a busy tram) with Sam and Katie both in their car seats at the back having a great time. Katie kept Sam amused by drawing him lots of pictures so that when I looked back to check on him he had been covered in paper which he was happily playing with.

We started off by having a good look round the gardening centre and were tempted by a good few things there. By then it was time for Sam’s lunch so we invaded the cafe and I feed Sam while being fed some of my lunch by Thea.

Katie and Sam

Refreshed and happily full we went off for an explore of the park with Katie leading the way. We wandered quite a few paths that I hadn’t been on before and in our travels encountered one of the cutest little puppies ever which both Katie and Thea would have happily smuggled home.

After much exploring and a few games of pooh sticks (Katie took a little while to understand that you need to drop the sticks so that they float under the bridge and not away from it) we headed back to the cafe for Sam’s mid-afternoon bottle and some very yummy cream tea for the mums. Sam really enjoyed playing with his cousin (as you may be able to tell from the delighted expression on his face in this photo) and laughed like anything when Katie smiled at him.

Thanks so much for coming over to see us Thea and Katie we both really enjoyed our day with you and are already looking forward to the next time!

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