Cara comes shopping

Sam with aunty CaraTime seems to have really flown round here recently, somehow we are now only two weeks away from Cara’s wedding (see how surprised Sam is by this news!) and my not having anything that fit for the big day was starting to become quite a worry.

Thankfully though the future bride herself managed to spare Sam and I some of her time to take me out dress shopping, and after a good few hours of hunting we found a lovely dress that fits me and looks good! I’m very please with it and after the wedding I’ll probably try to get away with wearing it on all sorts of other occasions too… but maybe going out to the shops in it would be a little too much?

Sam was his usual well behaved self and got a few complements while out in the shops – Cara was also complemented on Sam and told her how much her son looked like her 🙂

Thanks so much for coming round Cara – very much appreciated!

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