Cara & Nick get hitched!

The first danceOn a beautiful summers morning in Yorkshire Cara & Nick got married. Cara looked fantastic in her lovely dress with her hair up and all decorated with tiny flowers. Both her and Nick spent the day smiling and seemed over the moon to now be husband and wife.

Sadly Sam and I missed the service itself as Sam decided that just before it began he would start crying and not stop, so we ended up waiting outside as we didn’t want to disturb the service. Sam did eventually calm down and seemed to really enjoy the celebrations – he even tried to join in on the speeches after the wedding lunch!

Ah the lunch – some very yummy food was served to us including sausages and mash for the main course. After our 3 courses there was also tea and coffee and if we had eaten all our chocolate wedding favours there were still more sweets on the table! The decorations were beautiful, Cara had wanted an English tea type them so all the flowers were in little tea cups on the table and they looked great – I wish I had thought of that for my own wedding!

After we had all eaten far too much food there was a break before the evening reception started so Rich and I took Sam up into the hills for a good walk in the hopes of getting him to fall asleep. We didn’t haveRich ponders much luck with getting Sam off but we did see lots of pretty lambs and Rich even posed for some photos in his lovely ushering suit.

Thankfully we did manage to get Sam off to sleep and settled him down in the cot in our hotel room and then set off downstairs to join in the evening reception. Our hotel room was just above the reception so the baby monitor worked fine and we could keep a close ear on Sam the whole time. Even so we still felt the need to go up and check on him regularly during the evening as it just felt so strange leaving him up there.

During the course of the reception even more food was consumed (barbecue food was available as well as a very tempting chocolate fountain) but both Rich and I kept to soft drinks for the evening so we didn’t get up to too much mischief. I did get a little bit of dance floor action in but quickly got too embarrassed so I ended up back chatting to some of the other guests there. Eventually I headed back up to join Sam in our hotel room – that was after spending some time removing all the hairgrips that I had holding my hair up.

Thanks so much Cara and Nick for a wonderful day – we loved being with  you on this very special occasion.

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