Last day in Northland

Rich & JessToday was the last full day of our trip visiting the in-laws and so it was decided that we should go out somewhere nice for a good walk and a chance to enjoy each other’s company (while it was still available). We headed off to Shibden Hall park which has some lovely grounds, a large pond/dammed river as well as a very unimpressive waterfall thing that Rich found pretty disappointing. There was also the house (Shibden Hall itself I guess) that I really liked the look of… maybe in a few years time I’ll have a big rambling tudor esq type mansion like this one that I can have big parties at or just sit outside quietly by myself enjoying the scenery and a good book.

Rich and I have had a lovely time up in Northland – having Sam’s doting grandparents around really lifted the load and gave us a chance to have a bit more of a break than usual. Thanks so much for having us Rich’s Mum and Dad!

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