Park time!

Katie playing with SamRich went off yesterday to attend the British Grand Prix at Sliverstone with his dad and so has left Sam and me to try and get by without him. We were not too distressed though as we had already made plans to met up with Thea and Katie who had also been left unattended by Marcus as he had to work today.

Seeing as Sam and I really love Kelsey park we decided to show it off to Thea and Katie and so packed up a very tasty picnic and we all set off on the tram. We had a quick wander around the park and after finding a good spot to stop and eat the picnic we eat all that we could (I may have over catered just a tad…). Katie then made a new friend while we packed up and he seemed quite sad to see her go off with us to find the swings.

There was enough time to have a good play in the lovely playground and Sam got a go on the swings at the same time as Katie which he seemed to enjoy. Katie made some more friends in the park and I also somehow became responsible for spinning a bunch of kids on a roundabout thingy for about 10 minutes.

Unfortunately I can’t show you any photos of our trip today as Rich took the camera with him to Silverstone so on the left is an earlier shot of Katie with Sam – look how much Sam loves his cousin 🙂

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