More fun at Kelsey park

Why hello Thea!

Why hello Thea!

Ah Kelsey park – how I do enjoy popping in to see you 🙂

Yup, yet again today I found myself visiting Kelsey park again, this time with my sister Thea, little Katie and Cara. The park was as lovely as ever and the weather was also pretty perfect for sitting out with a picnic. We treated ourselves to some food from M&S and had a good lunch before needing to visit the play park.

Katie had a good time meeting some of the other children (at one point climbing over another little girl in her attempt to scale the helter skelter without using the stairs) while Sam spent some time having a good swing. After Katie’s exertions in the park she needed a bit of a rest and it seemed that only Cara would do.

Thanks for spending the day with us Thea, Katie and Cara, Sam and I had a great time 🙂

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