Farm fun

Thankfully the Children’s centre that Sam and I go to have started back again and today we joined two of the staff members as well as some other mums with little ones for a visit to a fantastic city farm. Sadly I forgot to bring along the camera so I have no photos of Sam with some of the animals we meet there. We saw some cute baby turkeys (or poults as they are called), hens, ducks, horses, loads of different chaffinchs, rabbits, pigs, goats and sheep. There were horse rides for some of the older children as well as feeding time and a time slot for petting some of the rabbits and other smaller animals.

Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short as I had been a bit daft and forgot to bring Sam’s beaker along. However we will definitely come back to this park as Sam gets bigger and spend much more time saying hello to all the animals.

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