Samuel has an enquiring mind

Samuel learning about water dynamics

Last week Sam and I made a visit to the Science museum as we had heard very good things about an area that they have in the basement called “The Garden“. The area is really aimed at 3 year olds+ but a lot of the interactive displays seemed to appeal to Sam anyway. He especially loved the water course that they had where you could block off the flow of water through a number of different runs and see how it effected the flow of water… however I think the main appeal for Sam was playing with the boats and splashing.

There is a great section with large soft lego pieces and a winch for getting beanbags to the top of a flume before sending them plummeting back down. They’ve also got some musical bits – in fact Sam enjoyed playing with a set of buttons that played different notes so much that I had to practically drag him away so that we didn’t miss the bubble show.

One of Sam’s newest words is ‘bubble’ and he really loves watching them and chasing them… however I was worried at the start of the show that we would get kicked out as the children were asked not to stand up or pop any bubbles… oh ooooh. However Sam seemed to be mesmirised by the show and all the other children sitting so well that he wasn’t a problem. We both enjoyed wafting bubbles to keep them in the air and the finale of the huge bubble that were made encasing a couple of children was also very impressive.

We both had a great day out and hopefully will return some time soon bring daddy with us 🙂

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