A new arrival

There has been very little sleep here at Tea Towers due to the arrival of our daughter Emily. Both Jessica and Emily are doing really well despite the mini-heatwave we find ourselves in at the moment. Jessica and I were very relieved to see that the (scan) prediction was correct and that we had a baby girl. We’re really pleased to have the family we hoped for with one of each.

Emily in hospital

We’ve been trying to adjust to the difficult task of caring for a newborn and, whilst we’re better at it second time around, we have the added complication of keeping our first born happy. Samuel has welcomed baby sister and has given her a cuddly rabbit as a present. However, I have seem him quickly pick up all his cars when I carry Emily into the room so he isn’t in the mood for sharing yet.

Emily napping this afternoon

I hope that we’ll soon be settled enough in our routine to let everyone meet Emily… but in the meantime just spare a thought for us when you’re enjoying a full night of sleep.

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