Getting out and about

All set to go

It has been almost 3 weeks since our little Emily joined us and even though both Rich and I are pretty tired most of the time (Sam never seems to be tired – I wish I had his energy!) things seem to be going surprisingly well. Little Emily is a very placid baby and so far likes chewing fingers and blankets, surprise headbutting, sleeping and having her milk. Sam seems fond of Emily too – he loves to pat her head and give her kisses and will occasionally put one of his toys in her moses basket for her to play with.

Because Sam is such a ball of energy we’ve had to start getting out and about again. This is a bit of a mission for us at the moment as although Sam walks well we usually have at least a mile walk to get to any of the things we do in the week. So when Rich is about we all head off together each pushing one of the buggies and can travel a little further afield like we did this weekend when we went to a lovely little local park.

Let's ride the rails!

Most of you will know of Sam’s recent obsession with all things Thomas the Tank Engine. He was very lucky to receive plenty of Thomas related Birthday presents this year (including a Thomas cake) so it was hardly a surprise that he was very excited to be going on a miniature railway at the park. The miniature railway was everything we could have hoped for. I’m not sure what I was expecting – some sort of simple little train thing going round with a few carriages attached perhaps? The miniature railway was just that – proper small scale engines that really burnt coal and could pull a surprising amount for their tiny size.

Sam had a great time and ended up having 3 rides on both an electric train and a steam train. The little engines go surprisingly fast and were quite tricky to photograph but hopefully you can get an idea of just how wonderful they were from this photo. I’ve now decided that I too love all things trains and I’m tempted to try and become a member of the Sale Area Model Engineering Society just so that I can have a go at driving one!


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