Center Parcs

Having missed out on holidays due to moving and the birth of Emily… we’ve promised ourselves at least two weeks of holiday this year. Last week we spent 5 days at the Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. We booked a 6-person villa which easily accommodated the family and my Mum and Dad. Through some fluke of the booking process I managed to get a villa very close to the centre so the bikes that we’d hired felt a bit redundant.

We took Sam’s bike along as he is getting pretty good on it. He still has a bit of trouble stopping but he can now ride pretty well without me supporting him.


Sam riding at Center Parcs

It was great to see all the animals at Center Parcs. There were plenty of rabbits, ducks, geese, bats  and squirrels that could be seen from the villa’s ‘lounge’. Samuel quickly learnt what a Moorhen looks like and was keen to point out any that he saw.

Coot and young

Coot and young

As always, there are loads of activities and Samuel had his first go at 10-pin bowling and crazy golf. Emily joined in with the bowling and had her first proper taste of swimming which she eventually learned to like. And with all these activities on offer… what was the highlight for Samuel?

Breakfast time

Breakfast time

The holiday cereal of course! We always buy a variety pack on holiday and this is often the only thing that Sam remembers.

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