Pony riding

This weekend Emily got to go for a pony party with some of her new nursery friends.


To start with they got to groom a very docile pony who was so gentle and let a whole bunch of little girls pet her. Emily started out quite shy but quickly decided she liked the pony and giggled whenever the pony turned to look at her.


Emily then got to ride a rather grumpy pony who had already shaken a little girl loose earlier and would occasionally try to nip the young girl who was leading her. Emily did fine though and really enjoyed the trotting round the practice yard.

1 thought on “Pony riding

  1. Cat

    lovely blog Jess! Can’t believe how fast they are growing up. Here’s mine that I mentioned this morning (on the website bit below) – feel free to share if you have any 80s geek friends!! – looking forward to a picnic when the weather gets better! xx


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