Latest happenings

Things have been busy as always here at Tea Towers so I thought it high time I shared a few recent photos of what we’ve been up to…







Our furry friends have come back outside from their garage home winter home and have been getting plenty of cuddles.

Sam has been learning how to fly his new drone at the park and seems to be doing pretty well at it, though occasionally has to discourage curious dogs.

We took our Rainbows group out on parade with a large number of other guiding and scouting groups from the district.

Sam also joined his Cub group in the parade around the park.

Emily had an important lady come to visit who had two policemen with her and she informs me also runs the country… though she isn’t too sure of her name.






Lastly we’ve also been busy in the kitchen making healthy snacks like these dark chocolate and peanut butter brownies 🙂

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