Summer with the Tea Towers two

We are all delighted that the Summer holidays are finally here and our days have been pretty packed so far with meeting up with local friends, fish sitting for friends on holiday, working on the local library Summer reading challenge and a few other busy things.

We joined the Sale Wombles helping to litter pick in our local play park with lots of other enthusiastic helpers. Sam and Emily were really excited by the chance to help clear up by using the litter pickers and did a fantastic job.

Sam & Emily had a good explore around the National Coal Mining Museum with Emily getting to go underground 140 metres to find out more about what mining was like.

We’ve also spent a day exploring the lovely Beeston Castle with friends.

Sam and Emily got to have a try learning some basic sword fighting moves to become apprentice knights. We then had a trek up to the top and into the main keep and when we had recovered (we’re not used to going up hills in lovely flat Sale) we blew bubbles from the top.


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