All tuckered out

Tired SamuelWe’re just back from our new baby & toddler group and Sam fast asleep in his buggy. He’s been very cute again and did a real charm offensive on all the other mums. Sam seems to really enjoy watching all the other kids causing chaos and he even had a bit of a play on one of the mats himself.

Last night Sam managed for the first time to grip a rattle and shake it about. He seemed surprised and delighted and shook it about for a good 20 minutes, and even after the rattle had gone from his hand he still would give his arm the occasional hopeful shake 🙂

I’ve also managed to keep one of my other promises to myself which is to try and dress Sam in something other than sleepsuits all the time. Today he wore a pair of his dungarees proudly as well as his favourite stripy jumper and the cute hat his auntie made him (she is so talented!) for Christmas.

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