Sam’s weigh in

Bouncy SamSam’s latest weigh in results are just in and I’m happy to tell all you eager readers that Sam has reached a total weight of  5.7kg (11lb 3oz).

Yesterday Sam and I wandered round to visit a local friend for lunch. Being a lady of leisure is starting to have some advantages – I think I quite like being able to meet up with a friend to eat some very tasty chinese chicken followed up with a slice of rich chocolate cake. Sam was very well behaved and cooed happily while us ladies chatted away and after being much admired he had a quick nap on a bean bag. More trips out like this would be fantastic – anyone interested in inviting us round?

In the evening I tried out a new yoga class but unfortunately was a little disappointed by the style (a bit more mystical than I’m comfortable with) and found the teacher to be slightly useless. Hopefully I’ll find a decent class that I can join soon as I really need to start getting back in shape as I’m so tired of wearing maternity clothes and at some point in May I need to fit into a dress again…

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