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BBQing at Tea Towers

Before the hordes descended

As the grass is starting to turn a fetching shade of brown and all the school children are just about to be released from their classes we decided it was time for our (now annual) summer BBQ. So after giving the house a thorough clean and with some help from one of our lovely neighbours to erect a marquee we were ready to receive all our guests.

We were lucky with the day we picked for the event as the weather couldn’t have been nicer, so sunny with a touch of a breeze to stop you over heating. With the aid of the marque we were able to have a lot of our guests gather outside – fortunate really as there just wouldn’t have been room for everyone in Tea Towers itself.

The hungry hordes descend

Rich manned the BBQ and kept all our hungry guests well supplied with burgers, sausages and some rather tasty teryaki chicken kebabs. While he was out slaving over the burning coals I was rushing about the kitchen trying to make sure all the guests had cold drinks/jacket potatoes/forks and anything else they wanted. (Apologies to any guests I may have snapped at – I sometimes get a little carried away when hostessing!)

Once all the food had been cooked I treated myself to a nice glass of wine and started to relax and enjoy the party properly. Sam spent most of his time running backwards and forwards, usually after one of the other kids that was there and enjoyed himself so much that he barely had time to come past and say hi to his mum. The guests all seemed to have a lovely time too, there was plenty of chatter and laughter around the house and apart from having to occasionally kick helpful guests out of my kitchen I think they all went home happy.

Thank you all so much for coming and making our party a success – we loved having you all and will now have fun trying to drink through all the alcohol you left behind…

Visiting Katie and Aedan

Aedan and Sam looking cuteAfter hearing about how my friend Katie has really gotten into baking recently Sam and I decided it was high time we paid her and her gorgeous son Aedan a visit. Now that Sam and I seem to have longer journeys with the pushchair down to a fine art we will hopefully be making more effort to go visiting friends during the week.

Little Aedan is toddling around like a pro now and with his cute smile and pretty eyes is very good at getting into mischief and then charming his way out of it. Sam seemed to enjoy watching his antics and was happy to play with whatever toys Aedan found for him.

Sam also enjoyed the attention he received from Katie’s friendly dog Jupiter who did a good job of keeping us all well licked which Sam found good fun (me not so much…). We went out for a good walk with Jupiter plus another dog during which we managed to get the boys to sleep so when we got back we sat down to a nice cup of tea. Katie brought out some very tasty cakes that she had made just the other day and the pretty flowers on the top were almost too nice to bite into.

Thanks so much for having us Katie, we are sure to be back soon, especially if there is more baking going on 🙂

If you went down to Nonsuch park today…

Park fun… you were bound to get a surprise.

For every one who once worked with me,

and now has their own baby to bring,

came to Cheam park to all join in a big picnic.

(it kinda follows the tune for teddy bears picnic if you really try)

What started out as being a small outing to meet up with Joh, Eleanor and Clare turned out being a lovely gathering that also included two other work colleagues. Chris was there with her son William and stepson Ewan and it was great to see how much bigger the two boys are now since the last time I saw them. Mike also came along with baby Ivy who is pretty close in age to Sam. Mike is taking a break from work to have a go at looking after Ivy full time so we were all pretty impressed with how he was doing.

We all had some tasty picnic food and then headed off to the play park so that the older two boys could have a good run round while us adults and babies could chatter away. I really enjoyed the chance to catch up with so many friends so many thanks to Clare and Joh who organised it.

BBQing at work

Sam meets GryphonWanting to make the most of some summery weather Rich’s good friend and work colleague Steve decided that it would be a good idea to have a small barbecue for the elite at work. Obviously Sam and myself were also invited 🙂

Steve was very organised and did all the shopping, food preparation and cooking himself and even managed to get food cooked at the time that it was planned (a rare occurrence at a BBQ). We both ate well as Sam was very good and had his post dinner nap without a fuss. After Sam’s nap there was enough time to watch a croquet game (which Sam found hilarious – check out the video on Rich’s blog) as well as meet some of the older staff members as can be seen on the left.

We then had to dash off, but luckily the chicken had just finished cooking so with the buggy and a skewer of chicken each we headed off for our train home.

Steve’s Birthday gathering

Duncan, Sam & ChrisThe family Felton spent today out at Steve’s Birthday bash which took the form of a few hours out at a local park where the men became boys and played a bit of rounders as well as general larking about with a football and a rugby ball. Not that anyone knew how to play rugby… Steve only brought the thing along because he is Mr. Mars ball man and he managed to win about 11 different balls on the recent Mars online competition.

So the men messed about with all the balls, I had a couple of turns at rounders and the rest of the time Sam and I amused ourselves by watching the action from the sidelines. After the blokes had tired themselves out and decided they now needed food we all headed off back to Steve’s new flat and ordered a load of Indian food. Sam spent some time amusing his fan base and being generally cute… just look at him in that little shirt – isn’t he the most gorgeous baby ever? He decided that he didn’t want to sleep at Steve’s place though so after we had eaten our dinner Rich and I took noisy Sam back home and tucked him in to his cot where he went out like a light.

Roast dinner = yum!

This evening we were invited out to eat another delicious roast prepared by Steve followed by a very tasty pie for dessert which Matt had made. Sadly this is likely to be our last meal out round at Steve’s and Matt’s as they are being inconsiderate enough to want to move leaving Rich and I without our favourite free food place. However, I am quitely hoping that this may yet turn to our advantage as they are moving to different places this doubles up on our potential free meals!

Sam was very good while out with his mum and dad, he didn’t want his usual evening nap but apart from that was very well behaved and fell asleep quite obediently at 8.30pm in his buggy. Thanks for having us Steve and Matt and good luck with the move!

Sam’s weigh in

Intelligent babySam is mildly pleased to announce that his new weight has just been measured and he now totals a moderate 6.35 kg (13 lb 15 oz) – so very close to his first stone!

After being weighed the health care lady decided to prescribe some creams for Sam’s dry skin and also gave me a lot of advice on what to do to help his cradle cap – hopefully it clears up quickly ‘coz the new cream I have to put on Sam 3 times a day makes him very, very slippery!

Ruth also came a visited us today. Sam was very happy to make her aquaintance and was all smiles and talking. Ruth was great with Sam, she even gave him his lunch and help me change his nappy! Thanks for visiting Ruth and thanks also for the lovely ducks I will Sam will be sure to play with them lots in the bath.

The photo of Sam on the left is of him having a sneaky look through one of Rich’s engineer magazines…!

Visitors from down the road

Sam, Karen and MaiaOur very good friends Karen, Sean and Maia have finally managed to make it all the way down the road from northeast Scotland to visit us. They stopped off in a nearby hotel and spent Sunday and this morning with us before continuing their journey down to Kent.

Maia has really gotten big since we saw her last and she is much chattier with you now, which is great apart from sometimes it is a bit hard to work out what she is trying to say as she has a slight northern/southern accent which can be a little confusing. That didn’t stop her from having a good time though and she really enjoyed playing with Rich who always seems to hit it off with the girls ;-p.

We all got a chance to catch up and apart from forgetting to buy any food for Maia’s dinner everyone else ate well (Maia did get some yummy toast though – we must try to do better next time!) as Rich made his celebrated Chicken Jambalaya which went down a treat. Karen got plenty of chances to huggle Sam which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit (who can blame her?) though she managed to resist the temptation to take Sam away with her so I guess having a two year old really is more than enough to be getting on with!

Karen and co. also popped round this morning to say hi quickly before they all trouped off down to Dover – it was really great to see them all again and hopefully it won’t be as long between the next visit to meet up with them.

James meets Sam

James with SamSam was very happy to have yet another visitor this evening – our good friend James made his way over here just to meet our little Sam. It looks like James is another lovely guy who knows what to do with a tiny person – just look how comfortable and casual Sam looks with him. I’m sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with Sam receiving a new teddy bear from James…

We all enjoyed a tasty ‘Spicy chicken and peanut’ stir fry made by my own fair hand followed by a good bowl full of ice cream – yum! I think I’m getting a bit of a taste for this entertaining lark – any excuse for a good tasty meal I say! After dinner Sam was good enough to sit and bounce in his chair while the big kids talked about what mischief they got up to as young’uns. It turns out that James was very much an engineer from a very young age and I even discovered some extra geekery about Rich’s childhood. I wonder if Sam will end up the same way, playing with computer programming or taking apart old telephones? I must say I did feel a little out of my league in the conversation – it would seem that Librarians as kids are pretty normal and don’t feel the desire to know how everything around them works.

I’ll keep a close eye on Sam for you all just in case any early engineer tendencies start to manifest themselves.

Entertaining at Tea Towers

Tea timeBeing at home with Samuel so much has made me really appreciate the company of my friends and family, especially when I know that they have made a special trip out to come and see us. So I feel especially honored that we’ve had guests both today and yesterday.

Daniel came all the way down from Leicester on Sunday just to say hi and meet Samuel (and then went all the way back that evening- wheew!) and kept us entertained with stories of his hospital work. Daniel has delivered 3 babies himself as well as seeing a few births so it wasn’t too surprising that he was brilliant with Sam. Unfortunately Dan is too far away for us to trick into babysitting – but hopefully we’ll be able to visit him again soon – after doing the trip up to Yorkshire every trip seems possible now 🙂

I’ve also just had some work friends round for midmorning tea and really enjoyed getting a chance to chat with some other girls over tea and cake, it even gave me the opportunity to use the lovely tea set that I got a few years ago. One of these friends is pregnant herself and will be having a little girl in April so we both enjoyed a good chat about baby stuff and hopefully we’ll be able to see each other more often now we are both on maternity leave.

Ah well – now to get some tidying up done while Sam sleeps, it’s not all just tea and cake you know!