Playground fun

Thea, Katie & MarcusIt seems like it has been quite a while since we caught up with Thea, Marcus and little Katie so today they came round to Tea Towers to partake of a delicious roast dinner followed by a whole lot of tearing around the local playground.

The food was pretty darn good – and there was plenty of it which is always important with a roast. We also had some very nice chocolate torte for dessert which Katie enjoyed so much she went round all of us trying to get a bit of ours too! Once we had started to feel a little less stuffed we thought it a good idea to wander over to a very exciting playground that Rich and I discovered in our travels recently. Katie loved it and spent most of the time there rushing from one exciting climbing/swinging thing to another with us older kids trailing after her.

Hopefully we’ll get the rest of the photos up in the photo gallery soon as there are some really fun photos of us all reverting to acting like children.

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