James meets Sam

James with SamSam was very happy to have yet another visitor this evening – our good friend James made his way over here just to meet our little Sam. It looks like James is another lovely guy who knows what to do with a tiny person – just look how comfortable and casual Sam looks with him. I’m sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with Sam receiving a new teddy bear from James…

We all enjoyed a tasty ‘Spicy chicken and peanut’ stir fry made by my own fair hand followed by a good bowl full of ice cream – yum! I think I’m getting a bit of a taste for this entertaining lark – any excuse for a good tasty meal I say! After dinner Sam was good enough to sit and bounce in his chair while the big kids talked about what mischief they got up to as young’uns. It turns out that James was very much an engineer from a very young age and I even discovered some extra geekery about Rich’s childhood. I wonder if Sam will end up the same way, playing with computer programming or taking apart old telephones? I must say I did feel a little out of my league in the conversation – it would seem that Librarians as kids are pretty normal and don’t feel the desire to know how everything around them works.

I’ll keep a close eye on Sam for you all just in case any early engineer tendencies start to manifest themselves.

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