Visitors from down the road

Sam, Karen and MaiaOur very good friends Karen, Sean and Maia have finally managed to make it all the way down the road from northeast Scotland to visit us. They stopped off in a nearby hotel and spent Sunday and this morning with us before continuing their journey down to Kent.

Maia has really gotten big since we saw her last and she is much chattier with you now, which is great apart from sometimes it is a bit hard to work out what she is trying to say as she has a slight northern/southern accent which can be a little confusing. That didn’t stop her from having a good time though and she really enjoyed playing with Rich who always seems to hit it off with the girls ;-p.

We all got a chance to catch up and apart from forgetting to buy any food for Maia’s dinner everyone else ate well (Maia did get some yummy toast though – we must try to do better next time!) as Rich made his celebrated Chicken Jambalaya which went down a treat. Karen got plenty of chances to huggle Sam which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit (who can blame her?) though she managed to resist the temptation to take Sam away with her so I guess having a two year old really is more than enough to be getting on with!

Karen and co. also popped round this morning to say hi quickly before they all trouped off down to Dover – it was really great to see them all again and hopefully it won’t be as long between the next visit to meet up with them.

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