Yummm – tasty!

Chocolate fairy cake heavenAnother news update from Diddy Doddy Daddy week to let you know how our family trip out to my local baby and toddler group went.

Rich and I spent some time on Wednesday making up a batch of extra chocolatey fairy cakes (chocolate cake mix with chocolate chips, chocolate butter cream for the top and chocolate sprinkles – yum!) which we took round to the group for their cake sale (making sure to keep a few back for us to munch on later). Sam got settled into gazing around at all the toddler antics that were taking place around him and I made sure that we sampled some of the other cakes on offer (just to help support the group of course!).

Rich was really surprised by just how much noise was made by all the kids running around like crazy and he also got to see first hand how much Sam enjoys watching all that goes on. After a good cup of tea and Sam having his feed we headed off back home where unfortunately Rich decided that he had better get some rest as he was starting to feel unwell – uh oh…

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