Visiting Sam’s Grand parents

Sam with his GrandmaNow that Sam and I seem to have his feeding down to a fine art I felt that it was time to put my ability to get about to the ultimate test and make a trip to visit my parents in Kew. Oddly enough the distance to Kew isn’t really the issue but the lack of direct transport routes is. For us to get to Kew we need to catch two trams followed by two trains which takes just over 2 hours if everything goes well.

Luckily everything did go well today, we made our connections fine and even arrived there slightly early. Sam seemed to enjoy the journey and was keen to catch lot’s of fellow passengers eyes in an attempt to get them to smile at him.

Mum made her delicious leek and potato soup that I’ve always loved and Sam also got to try a bowlful which he seemed to enjoy though he did keep trying to wrestle the spoon from me. After his lunch he thought there was too much fun going on to have his nap, but after half an hour he did finally doze off and so I got to drink a nice cuppa tea with my parents out in the garden.

Thanks for having us Mum and Dad and hopefully Sam and I will be round to visit you both again soon.

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