Sam’s weigh in

Sam - the little drummer boySam is very excited to be able to announce that he now weighs a dependable 8.14 kg (17 lb 15 oz). Because his weight gain has been so steady in the last couple of months Sam no longer needs such close monitoring and has graduated to getting weighed only once every 4 weeks!

After we had finished playing at the Children’s centre we headed off into the local park where they were having a ” Buggies in the park event” . There was all sorts of stands out as well as 2 different bouncy castles for the little ones (none for us adults unfortunately) some fun obstacle course/gym type set up for the more sturdy toddlers and even a tent with some animals from a petting zoo there. Sam seemed to be too young still to get much out of what was on offer, but he did enjoy a quick go in the drumming tent and he had a brief look at some of the petting animals but only half heartedly.

Hopefully when they hold the event again next year Sam will be able to enjoy all of the things going on.

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