If you went down to Nonsuch park today…

Park fun… you were bound to get a surprise.

For every one who once worked with me,

and now has their own baby to bring,

came to Cheam park to all join in a big picnic.

(it kinda follows the tune for teddy bears picnic if you really try)

What started out as being a small outing to meet up with Joh, Eleanor and Clare turned out being a lovely gathering that also included two other work colleagues. Chris was there with her son William and stepson Ewan and it was great to see how much bigger the two boys are now since the last time I saw them. Mike also came along with baby Ivy who is pretty close in age to Sam. Mike is taking a break from work to have a go at looking after Ivy full time so we were all pretty impressed with how he was doing.

We all had some tasty picnic food and then headed off to the play park so that the older two boys could have a good run round while us adults and babies could chatter away. I really enjoyed the chance to catch up with so many friends so many thanks to Clare and Joh who organised it.

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