Every day Sam seems to be picking up something new and in the last week we seem to be starting to get more attempts at talking. Sam can currently say Dadda, no, vroom and most recently – car. No mamma yet – not unless he is complaining when I get a ma ma ma ma type annoyed noise, but hopefully some day.

Sam loves cars. He loves the little cars that are part of his garage, he pushes these along surfaces and says vroom quietly to himself. He really loves the big Early Learning Centre cars that are at a number of the play groups that we go to, he can’t drive them forwards yet but he enjoys beeping the horn and walking it backwards through anything that is foolish enough to be behind him. So we really shouldn’t have been too surprised when he happily repeated ‘car’ to us the other day, and now it seems to be his favourite word.

Samuel also seems to be quite happy to watch the Grand Prix with his daddy which should be handy as we are going to be having it on a lot now that the season has started again and won’t be finishing until November. Maybe having Sam listening to the Grand Prix while he was still in my tummy started all this interest in cars for Sam – I just hope he doesn’t grow up wanting to drive formula 1 cars…

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