Blogging break

Yikes – it’s been simply ages since I last posted! I’m very sorry loyal readers for not keeping you more up to date with the day to day happenings here at Tea Towers, I must try to do better. With all the changes that Rich has been working on to improve the look of the blog I thought it was high time that I did a new post before you all forgot about me.

Looking back at the blog it seems that my last post was back in August last year about our trip out to the Bluebell railway and since then Rich has been keeping you informed. In those 7 months much has happened and much has stayed the same. We’ve had Sam’s first Birthday, a trip out to Center Parcs, Christmas (and all the associated Christmas panic), Rich’s 30th as well as tons of Sam events like his first steps, first pair of shoes, first hair cut and lot’s of other new events that seem to happen almost daily.

Sam and I are still keeping ourselves mostly out of mischief and spend a lot of time visiting the nearby baby groups as well as socialising with other mums when we can. Today, for instance we went into town to get lunch out with a group of mums at Pizza Express. Sam enjoyed being in his high chair for the first hour, after which he just wanted to wander around the restaurant and see who he could get smiles from. He is as gorgeous as ever and still seems to charm everyone he meets.

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