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The Kitchen whiteboard

Admittedly it’s not really white, but the wipe-able board in the kitchen attracted a fair bit of attention at our recent BBQ. We generally use the board to record silly quotes and occasionally a reminder but now the board is full and it’s time to wipe it clean. I thought I’d record the current content of the board here:

“Shall I call myself Polly and put on an apron?” – Me (allegedly)

“Let’s make like a raspberry and split” – Me

“I rule with an iron fist and a tickling stick” – Me

“Do they eat ants?” – My question about pigeons
“Probably – they’re like miniature raisins” – Jessica

“Sock rhymes with fox” – Jessica

“I’m a fidagree” – Me (no idea what that was about)

“Eee, they did for me those sausages” – My parents maintain I said this once but I didn’t

“Yoghurt, it’s like oil for your tummy machine” – Me

“You seep what you sow” – Me

“Is that the one where he goes to Mars and takes the lid off?” – Jessica describing “Total Recall”

“His Dad is a bit daft” – Jessica

“Can you put hot beverages in this cup?” – Cara

“Do you remember the time there was a sock on my foot” – Me

“Run, run as fast as you can, I am made of ginger” – Me

“I find cleaning my ears makes me feel like coughing” – Jessica
“It makes me close my eyes” – Cara
“It makes my tongue itchy” – suspected to be Thea

Sam visits cousin Katie

img_1854Sam has just got back from cousin Katie’s house where he spent the afternoon (we went with him too). Marcus treated us to a lovely roast dinner despite being a little worse for wear after a night of partying.

Me and Jessica had a go on Guitar Hero on the Wii. This is the first time I’ve had a go at any of the numerous Guitar Hero games and I was pleased when I managed to complete my first performance without being booed off. Sadly I decided to up the ante for my second attempt and failed to complete the song.img_1847

Samuel was very good for all the travelling but eventually got bored and a little upset. We’ve made a note to add some toys to the piles of supplies and equipment that we need to carry whenever we take him out.

Jessica has finally given me permission to publish a couple of the interesting things she’s said and I can continue the mouth-of-Jess feature.

“Jessica forgives but she doesn’t forget… she’s like a Camel”

“Alfresco means without trousers”*

* Note, Jessica is keen to point out that this was a joke and she was referring to the fact that Katie had just lost her trousers in an overenthusiastic hanging by the ankles game.

From the mouth of Jessica

Seeing as Jessica likes to record my alleged daftness in her section of the site; I thought I’d record Jessica’s opinions on a story we saw on BBC news this morning.

The story was about the urbanisation of Peregrine Falcons and mentioned that they were the fastest animals on Earth. Jessica however, does not believe this – she points out that the Falcon is fast when swooping and that it is effectively just falling – “I bet an elephant would fall quite fast if you dropped it.”

Not sure if this series will continue… it is dependant on material from Jessica 🙂