The Kitchen whiteboard

Admittedly it’s not really white, but the wipe-able board in the kitchen attracted a fair bit of attention at our recent BBQ. We generally use the board to record silly quotes and occasionally a reminder but now the board is full and it’s time to wipe it clean. I thought I’d record the current content of the board here:

“Shall I call myself Polly and put on an apron?” – Me (allegedly)

“Let’s make like a raspberry and split” – Me

“I rule with an iron fist and a tickling stick” – Me

“Do they eat ants?” – My question about pigeons
“Probably – they’re like miniature raisins” – Jessica

“Sock rhymes with fox” – Jessica

“I’m a fidagree” – Me (no idea what that was about)

“Eee, they did for me those sausages” – My parents maintain I said this once but I didn’t

“Yoghurt, it’s like oil for your tummy machine” – Me

“You seep what you sow” – Me

“Is that the one where he goes to Mars and takes the lid off?” – Jessica describing “Total Recall”

“His Dad is a bit daft” – Jessica

“Can you put hot beverages in this cup?” – Cara

“Do you remember the time there was a sock on my foot” – Me

“Run, run as fast as you can, I am made of ginger” – Me

“I find cleaning my ears makes me feel like coughing” – Jessica
“It makes me close my eyes” – Cara
“It makes my tongue itchy” – suspected to be Thea

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