BBQing at Tea Towers

Before the hordes descended

As the grass is starting to turn a fetching shade of brown and all the school children are just about to be released from their classes we decided it was time for our (now annual) summer BBQ. So after giving the house a thorough clean and with some help from one of our lovely neighbours to erect a marquee we were ready to receive all our guests.

We were lucky with the day we picked for the event as the weather couldn’t have been nicer, so sunny with a touch of a breeze to stop you over heating. With the aid of the marque we were able to have a lot of our guests gather outside – fortunate really as there just wouldn’t have been room for everyone in Tea Towers itself.

The hungry hordes descend

Rich manned the BBQ and kept all our hungry guests well supplied with burgers, sausages and some rather tasty teryaki chicken kebabs. While he was out slaving over the burning coals I was rushing about the kitchen trying to make sure all the guests had cold drinks/jacket potatoes/forks and anything else they wanted. (Apologies to any guests I may have snapped at – I sometimes get a little carried away when hostessing!)

Once all the food had been cooked I treated myself to a nice glass of wine and started to relax and enjoy the party properly. Sam spent most of his time running backwards and forwards, usually after one of the other kids that was there and enjoyed himself so much that he barely had time to come past and say hi to his mum. The guests all seemed to have a lovely time too, there was plenty of chatter and laughter around the house and apart from having to occasionally kick helpful guests out of my kitchen I think they all went home happy.

Thank you all so much for coming and making our party a success – we loved having you all and will now have fun trying to drink through all the alcohol you left behind…

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